Backup power beats loadshedding

You have the perfect setup at home: fibre router connecting your smart TV, computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Everyone in the house is happy. Until the lights go out.

Black Friday SALE 2023

It's a big bargain boogie! The 2023 Black Friday SALE is now on! Get deep discounts on a wide range of computer-related products, backup power solutions and printer ink cartridges and toners.

Computer memory price increase

The shift from computer memory oversupply to a high demand situation in the global market will result in price increases. This will impact the pricing of DRAM, NAND, graphics cards, flash drives and...

Get the upgrades

When your computer gets a bit long in the tooth it's not necessary to get rid of it for next-to-nothing. Instead, consider upgrading it. It is easy to upgrade...

Essential IT Solutions August 2023 sale

A number of popular computer-related items are back on sale for as long as stocks last. The much-in-demand T-Dagger gaming mouse range, including the very attractive Honey Comb and the Warrant Officer models,...

Happy Easter 2023

Easter is the one of most important and oldest festival of the Christian religion, held the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox (between 21 March and 25...

A very special Valentine’s Day

Is your name Google? Because you are everything I've been searching for! You auto-complete me. Just look at the keyboard — U and I belong together.