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#BacktoSchool #BacktoBusiness computers

It is #BacktoSchool and #BacktoBusiness time! Hope you had a great holiday season and is ready for all that school, university or business life throws at you.

This time of the year – we have found – is when people rush around looking for a computer to crunch the anticipated information avalanches and new challenges.

And then there’s the budget! With a long academic and business year ahead every cent has to be counted twice; spend wisely and you have to spend only once.

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Wishing you all of the very best for 2020

We saw some great computer related launches in 2019 – particularly from AMD – and 2020 promises to deliver ever more.

Expect even faster AMD processors and graphics cards, the new Intel Ice Lake processor range for desktops (the Ice lake laptop CPUs were launched late last year), faster storage technology (for SSD and other memory devices), super-sharp 4K and 8K screens, a host of new innovations in smart home connectivity and wellness products and, perhaps, the introduction of 5G technology.

Essential IT Solutions will be offering all the latest technology but, as always, you will still find incredible bargains on demo and refurbished computers and laptops.

2020 is going to be an exciting year and we wish you all the very best of it.

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Year-End Savings

Here at Essential IT Solutions we ring out the old year with a Year-End Savings sale.

Speed it up! With a Solid State Drive.

A Solid State Drive reads and writes data 5.5x faster than a normal hard drive. That’s a huge performance increase for a relatively small investment.

Come grab yourself one of the last-in-stock internal SSDs that is now on sale. Choose between the Adata 3D Ultimate 120GB SSD, Apacer AS350 Panther 120GB SSD, Crucial BX500 240GB SSD or the Seagate ZA500CM10002 Barracuda 500GB SSD.

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Festive Season Sale – great gifts at very good prices

It is Christmas time! Time to be jolly. Time to share the joy of the season!

What is the best gift to put under the Christmas tree? Is it for a friend or a family member? We have a lot of ideas (see below for more great gift ideas) but let’s start with something that almost everyone always needs. A memory card for a mobile phone or a flash drive. You can never have enough of any of those.

With prices starting from as low as R54 for an 8GB card, expanding a mobile phone storage capacity with a flash memory card has never been more affordable.

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Black Friday Sale

The BLACK FRIDAY SALE 2019 is now on!

Get huge discounts on laptops, computers, hardware, gaming gear, flash drives and more! See all at Black Friday Sale.

Enjoy big mark downs on computer products from famous brand names such as Crucial, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Biostar and Sandisk.

A wide variety of gaming gear from the high-tech Shenzhen-based Xtrike-Me is also on sale. Here you’ll find attractive, well-priced gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, gaming mouse pads and headsets.

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Incredible Savings!

Get incredible savings now on SSDs, RAM, CPUs, motherboards, laptops and gaming PCs while stocks last.

Kid you not! These saving are incredible, with selected items marked down by thousands of Rands.

Save more than a thousand Rand on selected HP and Lenovo laptops. Save almost three thousand Rand on graphic cards. Save thousands of Rands on selected desktop computers.

It’s easy: for safe online shopping and speedy home delivery, point your browser now to the Essential IT Solutions Specials.

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Save More on Laptops

Core i3, Core i5, Dual-Core and AMD refurbished laptops are now on sale with huge discounts.

Save more on the HP 15-BS151Ni Core i3 laptop; it has been marked down from R5 999 to only R4 599.

The price on the HP EliteBook 840 G1 Core i5 laptop has been dropped from R7 999 to a mere R4 999. A real bargain!

Also on sale is the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 320, a lightweight laptop with 10.1-inch detachable keyboard, turning this laptop into the ideal Windows 10 tablet for the busy, mobile executive.

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Good Hard Drive Options

One of the cheapest ways to increase the performance of your computer or laptop is to increase the RAM. And another affordable and easy way is to install a faster hard drive.

Technology moves at such a pace that the hard drive capability and maximum capacity have increased since the time you bought your computer or laptop. Fortunately, new hard drives are relatively affordable and has become a good option to increase performance.

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Spring Madness on Computer Specials

Save up to 50% when buying a refurbished personal computer! Save HUGE on custom-built Essential Intel i3 and i7 gaming computers. Save on RAM, hard drives, motherboards and graphics cards!

This is the Spring Madness promotion where you’ll get great computer and related products at discount prices while stocks last.

Some items, such as the cartridges, have been marked down to the point where it costs only R40!

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Massive Sale this Winter Season

We might as well call it Xmas in July here at Essential IT Solutions because we launched a massive winter season sale.

Everything from Android TV boxes, Solid State Drives, cartridges, toners, Bluetooth speakers, cables and converters to desktop computers and laptops have been marked down to suit your shopping budget.

All the marked-down items are available on the sale prices while stocks last. To get them today, point your browser to the Specials page.

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