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Genius KB-G265 LED Backlight Gaming Keyboard and Genius X-G500 Gaming Mouse

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The Genius KB-G265 keyboard and X-G500 mouse is part of the Genius gaming range. The new KB-G265 is a full size LED backlight gamers keyboard with eight hot keys to manage sophisticated battle tools while the X-G500 gaming mouse features up to 21 keys that can be programmed for user defined macros in three different profiles.

And here is the clincher: the Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard costs only R299 and the Genius X-G500 gaming mouse only R230

Genius KB-G265 gaming keybaord and Genius X-G500 gaming mouse

Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard features

Quoting from the Genius site: Meticulously designed and engineered specifically for the advanced gamer, KB-G265, a brand new LED backlight keyboard from Genius, is the latest weaponry in the Genius gaming line.

This full size keyboard provides gamers sophisticated battle tools and eight hot keys to manage media and Internet controls. Additionally, gamers will hold a tactical advantage with the numerous features such as switchable LED backlight, and 20 anti-ghost keys for advanced gaming control even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.

The KB-G265 has a gaming mode option to deactivate the Windows key for distraction free gaming. In addition, a smart cable allocation design allows the USB cable to be secured to the left or right side of the keyboard depending on the location of your PC.

In addition, two USB ports allow users to connect with other USB devices such as mouse and headset simultaneously, to achieve the full gaming experience. With its 1000Hz full speed USB report rate, gamers can enjoy a faster gaming response time, especially on FPS games for that competitive edge.

Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard features

You can also get the new Genius KB-G265 gaming keyboard here on our online shop.

Genius X-G500 gaming mouse features

X-G500 is the Genius gaming mouse specially designed to give you an edge. With a six button design, X-G500 can be customized to conquer any gaming challenge and improve combat performance. Its sleek ambidextrous design and rubber coated grip conforms to either hand as you battle your opponents for hours on end.

Up to 21 keys can be programmed for user defined macros in three different profiles. The DPI button instantly shifts multiple sensitivity levels between 500 – 2000 dpi. The mouse gives you quick access from pixel-precise targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers without pausing the action. On-board memory means that your profiles are loaded directly onto your mouse and ready to use.

The braided USB cable provides a stable and smooth signal connection when engaging combat.

Genius X-G500 gaming mouse features

You can get the Genius X-G500 gaming mouse online.

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