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InWin Open Frame and Mid Tower Gaming Chassis

InWin has been making waves with their open frame gaming cases. The open design provides ultimate cooling while the effect from the case fans and component LED lights makes a spectacular sight. These are impressive-looking designs.

In not all just show either; the open frames are solid. The D-Frame model is made with steel tubing that is entirely crafted and bent by human hands. “TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is used to reinforced stability, and unique electrode position, which creates an ultra-smooth finish.” Read more…

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Antec GX300 Midi Tower Gaming Case

The Antec GX300 is a midi tower gaming case that features 7 expansion slots and supports graphics cards up to 400mm in height.

It has a typical aggressive American military look. Which is no coincidence since Antec is an American company, headquartered in Fremont, California. Its origin is also evident in the built quality.

Apart from the good specs, there are two additional plusses – Read more…

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DeepCool Tesseract Cases

DeepCool introduces their Tesseract cases: “Tesseract series computer case comes with multiple features. Its great compatibility, simple design and uncompromising cooling performance have made it a popular choice for many DIY enthusiasts and gamers. Up to six fan installation, 310 mm graphic card space and various DIY features, what else could you possibly ask for?”

What else? A good price, of course. Essential IT Solutions offers three different Tesseract cases, starting at only R449.  Read more…

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Antec GX300 Series Gaming Chassis

“It’s hard to get too excited about an ‘entry-level’ chassis, but when Antec is involved, our collective ears perk up nevertheless.” So says the authoritative Tom’s Hardware. “As far as styling goes, that’s probably this case’s biggest selling point.”

They’re talking about the mid-tower GX300 Series gaming chassis, which Antec introduces thus –

Aggressive but simple in design, the GX300 can wield the heaviest artillery with room to expand and upgrade your components when you need it. Featuring seven expansion slots and support for graphics cards up to 15.7″ / 400mm, the GX 300 gives you plenty of options for creating the perfect configuration for your build.

Read more…

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Cooler Master and Thermaltake Computer Cases

We have ATX cases, mini-ATX cases, mini-ITX cases, Mid-Towers, Full Towers and every other shape and size you can think of in our online Computer Cases category.

Prices range anything from R2 299 for the Cooler Master Stryker, R2 139 for the Thermaltake Armor Revo, R1 849 for the impressive Antec Twelve Hundred to as little as R499 for the Cooler Master Elite 311 ATX case.

We have famous make chassis brands such as Antec, Cooler Master, Gigabyte and Thermaltake to the lesser-known Bitfenix and Lian-Li cases, each with their own design benefits.  Read more…

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Cooler Master CMP 102 Mini Tower

The CMP 102 is Cooler Master’s budget mini tower with hidden gems. Obviously it would support mini-ITX and microATX motherboards – but it can also take an ATX mobo and high-end graphics card up to 322mm.

The manufacturer is not called “Cooler Master” for nothing. This case comes with a 120mm fan pre-installed in the front and can accommodate up to 6 fans. It also has air vents on the side panel. Not bad for a mini case that supports 3 HDDs and 2 SSDs plus 1 ODD.

But the best surprise is the price! Selling at only R349, the Cooler Master CMP 102 is an attractive package.  Read more…

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Thermaltake Chaser A31 Thunder Mid-Tower Gaming Case

The new Thermaltake Chaser A31 Thunder series is made for gamers to gear with the latest gaming components, offering an exceptional combination of cooling, performance and expandability at R999. The Thunder e-sports appearance with transparent windowed panel offers the best inner view and the outstanding protection design gives the case a unique gaming personality. Furthermore, it’s available in blue and black.  Read more…

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Which power supply is right for my computer?

In the Power Supply category of the Essential IT Solutions online computer shop you’ll find power supplies ranging from 350W up to the 1200W High Current Pro gaming PSU. Prices range from only R199 up to more than R3 000.

The question is: Which power supply is the right one for your computer? Do you take the minimum wattage requirement or go all out for the highest wattage? Actually, the answer is more complicated.  Read more…

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Cooler Master HAF X942 Full Tower – R1949

Cooler Master HAF X942 Full Tower Case

More than a year ago we raved about the Cooler Master’s full tower HAF X942 computer gaming chassis. We then said, “the full tower X942 is a lot of case for the money.” And you know what? Even a year later, it still sells at only R1 949.

To reiterate, the Cooler Master HAF X942 is one of the biggest cases in the gaming business. It is designed for big motherboards, full size graphics cards and the hottest CPUs. 4 gigantic fans create a massive airflow, 3 of the fans being 200mm in diameter and one being 230mm. And it looks awesome!  Read more…

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DeepCool Gamma Archer CPU Cooler

The 120mm DeepCool Gamma Archer CPU cooler is compatible with Intel LGA775/1150/1155/1156 and AMD all sockets, up to 95W. The unique fan frame design conducts the airflow to dissipate heat for memory and the motherboard as well.

The Gamma Archer cooler is made with high quality aluminum extrusion to ensure high cooling performance and a long lifespan. At only R59 – and rather good looking – it is the ideal replacement CPU cooler.  Read more…

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