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LG 25UM57 25-inch 21:9 UltraWide Full HD LED Monitor

LG, world’s best-selling 21:9 monitor brand for 8 straight quarters 2013/4. The reason is easy to see.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! The LG 25UM57 monitor: 25-inch UltraWide FOV (Field of View), Full HD LED, 21:9 aspect ratio, 2560×1080 up to 3440×1440, FPS and RTS mode, Dynamic Action Sync, black stabilizer on or off, 4 screen split.

It’s perfect for graphic design, magic for movies… but better still, this is a gamer’s dream. Read more…

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Aavara DS200 Dual-Flip-Mount 2x LCD Monitor Stand

“Research shows that using two monitors instead of one increases work efficiency, especially if you work with data sheets or large engineering layouts.”  We’ve stated that time-and-again and perhaps you already work (or play) across two monitors. Then you should have a look at the Aavara DS200 dual flip mount 2x LCD monitor stand.

This is one of those “It makes sense” products. It has a 360° rotation, 15° tilt and swivel angle, 90º rotation pivot for landscape or portrait, and smart cable management system. You can also arrange one monitor for landscape display while the other can be set for portrait display – whatever your project requires.  Read more…

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Hisense LEDN40D36P 40” FHD LED TV

It’s bonus time and you’ve probably been browsing around for a new flat screen TV that will grace a special spot in your lounge or TV room just in time for Christmas. Have a closer look at the Hisense LEDN40D36P 40-inch Full HD LED TV for only R4 289.

It features an auto switch-off timer, picture mute, Time Shift, sleep timer and USB memory drive. It has a digital tuner and offer a 178 ° viewing angle.

The AV Input/Output ports are 2 x HDMI 1.4, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Composite (AV), 1 x RF Tuner, 1 x AV OUT and 1 x VGA input.

This is a lot of TV for the money. Remember, a 40-inch TV is 101,6 cm diagonal viewing size.  Read more…

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LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor Features 144Hz Refresh Rate

24″ TRUE 144Hz Full HD widescreen LED Monitor with strobe backlight, Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabiliser, Motion Plus 240, 5M:1 dynamic CR, 1ms response time, 1920×1080 Resolution, 5000000:1 Contrast Ratio and 350cd/m² Brightness. This is what you get in the new LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor.

As the name suggests, this is a monitor made for FPS (First Person Shooter) gamers. It even features a built-in game pad and game mode. To quote the official LG 24GM77 page  –

Built-in Game Pad and Game Mode let you enjoy games more easily. The Game Pad featuring 5 keys and a joystick is designed to allow gamers to easily customize their gaming environment to increase the possibility of winning. The Game Mode includes 3 “Gamer mode” options for your own settings, 2 FPS and RTS pre-set modes that are easy to set.

Read more…

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AOC 22-inch e2251Fwu USB-powered portable LED monitor

The AOC 22-inch LED model e2251Fwu monitor is ultra slim and lightweight. Best of all, it receives both power and signal via a single USB cable for plug-and-play connection. There is no need for a power cord or VGA cable. And that makes it ideal as a second monitor along with your laptop or work PC.

Research shows that using two monitors instead of one increases work efficiency, especially if you work with data sheets or large engineering layouts.  Read more…

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LG EA93 UltraWide 29-inch Monitor

LG’s new model 29-inch EA93 is the world’s first 21:9 aspect ratio ultra wide monitor. It can be used as a dual monitor or you can connect two computers to it where close-knit team work is needed for multi-tasking projects. Or play a high-end graphics game on this super wide monitor.

The extra wide screen allows up to 4 windows to be shown in 8 different screen ratios. The built-in software allows you to view up to 4 videos from 4 different sources side-by-side.  Read more…

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Asus ML248H 24-inch Full HD LED Monitor

Asus ML248H LED Monitor

The 24-inch Asus ML248H has a TN (Twisted nematic) display panel – instead of being an IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) monitor – and therefore is able to have a fast enough pixel response time to avoid the shadow-trail and ghosting effects that one finds in older type monitors. The gray-to-gray response time on the ML248H is only 2 milliseconds.

Plug in the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input, adjust the monitor’s settings with its LED touch-sensor buttons, sit back and enjoy the view. In fact, you can sit as far back in your chair as you want because with the Asus Smart View technology adjusts the colour parameters to suit just about any viewing angle.  Read more…

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Large Mecer LCD and LED Panels

Mecer 42L11-T 42-inch LED screen

A big screen TV is expensive, often costing R20 000 and more, easily more than R30 000. That’s a lot of money! But if you have an MNET or DSTV decoder you don’t need to get a big screen TV – you only need to get a big screen.

This is how it works: the decoder have all the necessary jacks to connect to a stand-alone big screen and these big screen have those necessary ports. So, save yourself R10 000 or R20 000 (or more) and get a big flat screen which you connect to your decoder.  Read more…

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Asus VG27AH Full HD 27-inch monitor

Asus VG278AH Full HD monitor

The 27-inch Asus VG27AH monitor gives you 178° ultra-wide Full HD 1920 x 1080 viewing angle with its All-in 3D LED-backlit technology.  This results in an ultra-crisp and smooth 80,000,000:1 ASUS Contrast Ratio for the perfect cinematic 3D display experience.

You get ASUS 3D and 3D clip-on glasses with the VG27AH but if you require just 2D it is available instantly via a designated hotkey. In the same way, you can instantly convert 2D visuals into 3D visuals.  Read more…

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LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV

Proline LED TV 55-inch

LCD TV, LED TV or Plasma TV? Or even LED 3D TV! Yes, we have those too in the TV category of our online shop. We also have single and double-arm TV wall mount brackets, articulated mount brackets and ceiling poles.

As to which type of television set you prefer, the choice is up to you, albeit HD flat screen or Full HD flat screen with clear screen image panel. We stock them from sizes 32″ LCD to 55″ Plasma with display resolution ranging from 1366 x 768 to 1920 x 1080.  Read more…

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