Technical Support

Sometimes it’s the little things that waste a lot of time. Like getting rid of that pesky virus on your computer or getting your programme to work properly. Don’t waste your valuable time, bring your computer or laptop in; when it comes to fixing computer-related issues the Essential IT Solutions technicians know which buttons to push.

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Laptop Repairs

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PC Repairs

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Virus Removals

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Onsite Support

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Backup Power

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Remote desktop support

If you need remote technical support for your computer or laptop, please call or whatsapp us on 081 395 8776 or book directly.

We use AnyDesk and other trusted remote desktop support software to - with your permission - log into your computer or laptop to fix technical problems, network issues or clear viruses. The technician does not visit your premises; you will safe at your place while the technician will work from his place. You will be able to follow all the steps on your screen.

Before we can log into your computer, you will need to send us the unique code that is generated by the support software; much like a bank OTP verification code. This code only allows the technician to access to your operating system and files, NOT to any of your online services (Facebook, Twitter, bank, etc.).

This service costs R200 per hour (usually more than enough time) or R840 for 3 hours, payable through EFT. You are welcome to call from early morning to early evening.


Website and server support

Having been in business for over a decade we can also assist you professionally with -

  • - Domain name registration
  • - Website hosting
  • - Cloud or VPS hosting
  • - Website design
  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • - Best DNS practices
  • - Remote networking
  • - Linux server support
  • - Windows server support

On-site and off-site support

On-site support (at home or at the office)

Technical on-site support is available to businesses in the Helderberg, Cape Town and surrounding area. Our experienced computer technicians are just a phone call away (021 853 4790) to sort out computer, printer or networking issues.

Off-support (local and cloud)

Off-site (secure remote server and networking) support for trouble-shooting, data recovery, code solutions and backup solutions is available on the highest encryption level on local and international cloud server level.

Off-site technical support is available to home, shop, retail and corporate businesses. No matter the size of your business, every single line of data code counts. Your data is your business; keep it safe.

Our service is quick and our fees are fair.

We look forward to be at your service!


Address: 89 George St, Strand, 7140, South Africa

Online contact: Contact us

email us:

Phone: 021 853 4790

Cell and whatsapp: 081 395 8776