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Ryze Tech Tello Drone Powered By DJI
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DJI flight stabilisation and Intel vision processing unit
The Ryze Tello makes use of industry-leading components to ensure stable flights. Powered by DJI’s best-in-class flight stabilization technology and Intel's high-performance vision processing unit (VPU), the Tello was designed not just for fun, but with ease of use and safety in mind. The Tello features 5 sensors that constantly scans the area to send data to Intel's Movidius Myriad 2 VPU; this enables the Tello Drone to “see” the world around it and hover with astounding accuracy or land on a palm, just like other DJI drones.
The Tello comes with flexible propellers, propeller guards, a collision detection system, auto takeoff, auto landing, and low battery protection.

5MP HD Camera

The Ryze Tech Tello has a 5 megapixel camera that features electronic image stabilisation and 720p HD recording. The camera transmits video real-time to your smartphone or tablet and from there can stream to a compatible virtual reality (VR) headset and be controlled from select Bluetooth remotes. Maximum video transmission range is 100m.

SDK and MIT-developed coding system

The Ryze Tello can be programmed from either Scratch, an easy to use block/action based MIT-developed coding system for kids and teens; or through an advanced software development kit (SDK) that allows users to develop software applications for Tello. The Ryze Technology Tello Scratch programming application will enable users to string multiple flips into a single command or create their own flight patterns.

Other Features

    The top shell of the Tello can be replaced with different coloured versions
    13 minute flight time
    Pre-scripted EZ Shots. Easily record coordinated short videos from pre-scripted flight patterns such as circle, 360, and up & away.
    To start flying with the Tello, simply toss the drone into the air.
    Aerial stunts can be performed by simply sliding a finger on your mobile device screen.
    The Tello can fly up and down from your hand automatically with bounce mode.
    User friendly Tello app
    2 antennas with smart switching
    100 meter flight distance
    Comes with an extra set of 4 propellers
    Charges via microUSB
    DJI powered flight controller (not remote controller)

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