Orico 2.5 USB3.0 External Three Proofing HDD Black

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Orico 2.5 USB3.0 External Three Proofing HDD Black
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The Orico 2.5 USB3.0 External Three Proofing HDD is designed to withstand any wear and tear situation, furthermore this external proofing supports 2TB large capacity storage and a transmission speed of up to 5Gbps. With 360degree silicon protection, it protects your hard drive against dust and shock and provides a guarantee high speed transmission.

This little enclosure can help solve big problems. Considering a new laptop or your system has crashed? Quickly remove the hard drive and insert it into the enclosure to add or replace your data. Effortlessly Plug-and-play and store your data


  • External three proofing HDD Enclosure
  • 2TB Capacity
  • Protects enclosure against dust and shock
  • Transmission speed of up to 5Gbps
  • Supports USAP acceleration protocol
  • Increases transmission speed and reduces the CPU utilization, data delay and waiting time
  • Shockproof shock sponge mat, effectively improves the performance of the hard drive
  • Tool free design and installs within 3 seconds
  • Compatible with multi-platform operation systems, such as Windows, Linux and Mac

Data sheet

18 Months
Output Interface
USB3.0 Micro B
Power Supply
USB Interface
ABS Material + Silicone
Indicator Light
Blue When Power On, Blue and Red Light Flicker When Reading and Writing

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