Adata Micro SDHC reader blK

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Adata Micro SDHC reader blK
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Adata Micro SDHC reader blK


To complement the mobile video life brought about by smartphones, ADATA offers an ultra-compact card reader to
aid in the transfer of microSD/microSDHC memory card data at high speed. The microReader Ver.3 has a compact and
lightweight body, with a built-in USB connector. Cumbersome USB cables are eliminated, and the reader can be directly
used on all USB equipped desktop and notebook computers. The reader is built with a handy one-push card ejection
design, so that the card can be quickly and easily extracted from the reader. A bright LED indicator shines when the
data transfer function is active. Due to its ultra-compact size, the microReader can be plugged into the USB slot of a
notebook PC at all times, without blocking the neighboring slots or getting in the way when the computer is stowed in a bag.

Groundbreaking Dual-Functionality

In situations where there are extra microSD / microSDHC cards, the microReader extends their capacity and
function to that of a handy USB flash drive, allowing you to easily handle and transfer data stored on the cards.
All your prized media: personal photos, music and memorable video recordings can me maintained and shared with friends
whenever you like.

Push-Button Card Ejection

Weighing just 3 grams, and the size of a small coin, the microReader is one of the smallest card readers around.
The patented one-push card ejection design makes it easy to remove the memory card with just a simple finger push.
Ultra-compact, Ultra-portability

With its ultra-compact size, the microReader can be left plugged into a portable computer’s USB slot, without blocking
the neighboring slots. This makes the device easy to transport when the computer is stowed in a bag, and makes it harder to

Sparkling LED Indicator

A stylish LED indicator gives bright and vivid notice when the microReader is in use.
Two Package Options

Choice of two convenient package alternatives:

If you already have a microSD / microSDHC card, and you hate to deal with cable clutter, you can choose just the
easy-to-carry microReader for greater convenience.

microReader + microSD / microSDHC Package
To increase the power and capacity of your smartphone, the existing microSD/microSDHC cards can work with the
microReader, while the new card will double your storage capacity with the latest in memory technology.


- Standard: USB 2.0
                (USB A Connector)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 15 x 21 x 8mm (W x H x D)
- Weight: 3g
- Voltage: 2.7V~3.6V
- Certifications: FCC, CE, BSMI, VCCI
- Warranty: Life-Time warranty
- Speed Class: 480Mbit / sec(max)
- Color: Black

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