Cougar 700M 12000Dpi 8 Button Laser Gaming Mouse

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An award-winning gaming mouse for professional gamers with customizable aluminum frame, palm rest and weight adjustment for the best ergonomics.
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Cougar 700M 12000Dpi 8 Button Laser Gaming Mouse


The Ultimate Customizable Aluminum Frame Gaming Mouse
The 700M SUPERIOR is an award-winning gaming mouse for professional gamers. With a customizable aluminum frame, palm rest and weight adjustment for the best ergonomics. It features a 12,000 DPI laser sensor that provides extremely precise tracking performance.

Unrivaled Precision - 12,000 DPI Laser Sensor
The 700M SUPERIOR's laser sensor is the ultimate enhancement of a respected sensor lineage as it shows in its performance. The ability to fine tune the DPI up to 12,000 DPI will allow you to enjoy its unrivaled precision in a wide range of situations and screen resolutions.

Ergonomic Patented Design: Cantilever Structure

Palm Rest Adjustment + Palm Rest Switch
The 700M SUPERIORs cantilever structure features ergonomic shapes to ease fatigue during long gaming sessions. With the unique design, gamers can choose their preferences and gaming style by adjusting the height, shape and size of the palm rests.

Extremely Durable Aluminum Framing Structure
The aluminum serves as the skeletal structure of the 700M SUPERIOR, providing it with a unique combination of lightweight structure and metal durability that sets it apart from ordinary mice. It is formed from a single piece of aluminum and folded into the chassis that provides a lighter more rigid and robust gaming mouse.

Play Your Own Way - 8 Fully Configurable Buttons
The 700M SUPERIORs 8x fully configurable buttons allow gamers to access up to 27 different functions, including macros, shortcuts and more. The 45° Sniper Button provides high-precision shots without unwanted cursor movement.

32-bit ARM Processor / On Board Memory
The 700M SUPERIOR has an advanced ARM processor, which processes complicated calculations in a without relying on PC hardware and software drivers. The on-board memory allows you to store macros, customize key functions, and create up to 3 full configuration profiles. You can keep your configuration even if you bring your mouse to another computer.

Record your macro once and use it again on another COUGAR UIX compatible device or export individual macros to share with your friends. Enjoy your gaming sessions with this powerful software.

Weight Adjustment
Enhance your gaming performance with adjustable weights.

RGB Headlight
Improve the atmosphere in gaming sessions with 16.8 million colors.

1000Hz Polling Rate / 1ms Response Time
Absolute control, amazing response time. No control lag. Only victory.


- Resolution: 12,000 DPI
- Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0
- Polling Rate: 1000Hz / 1ms
- On-board Memory: 512KB
- Materials: Aluminum / Plastic
- Software: COUGAR UIX System
- Programmable Buttons: 8x
- Switching: OMRON gaming switches
- Profile LED Back-light: 16.8 million colors
- Frame Rate: 12000 FPS
- Maximum Tracking Speed: 150 IPS
- Maximum Acceleration: 30G
- Interface: Gold-plated USB
- Cable Length: 1.8m Braided
- Dimensions: 127(L) x 83(W) x 38(H) mm
- Weight Adjustments: 4x 4.5g
- Weight: 110g

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