Asus ROG Pugio RGB Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse

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The ASUS ROG Pugio is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that offers ultimate customizability to meet the needs of the most hardcore gamers.
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ASUS ROG Pugio Wired optical Gaming Mouse
ROG Pugio is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that offers ultimate customizability to meet the needs of the most hardcore gamers. Its configurable side buttons let you decide on your own side button layout, while exclusive push-fit switch sockets offer variable click resistance. The push-fit design makes it easy to replace worn out switches to extend the lifespan of the mouse. The Pugio features stunning, aggressive aesthetics to match its performance including angular ASUS Aura RGB light channels with Aura Sync support.
Configurable Side Buttons
Ambidextrous mice with side buttons usually feature a mirrored button layout to accommodate both right- and left-handed gamers. The drawback of this design is that it often results in side button misclicks. Even with the buttons disabled, they can still be distracting. With the ROG Pugio, there's no need to change your grip style to avoid the buttons. The Pugio has configurable magnetic side buttons on both flanks to give you a truly ambidextrous and ergonomic gaming mouse. Simply swap the buttons out and replace them with the side button covers: use four, two, or no side buttons the options are all yours!
Dominating Aesthetics
ROG Pugio will be the centerpiece of your battle station. With a quality gunmetal-gray finish, underside engravings, Mayan-inspired rubber side panels for a secure and comfortable grip, and angular ASUS Aura RGB light channels, the Pugio is a stunning weapon from every angle. Customizable Aura RGB lighting, offering a palette of over millions of colors and six preset lighting effects, lets you take style to the next level!
Perfect Synchronization
Achieve perfect RGB lighting synchronization across your ROG Pugio and other Aura Sync-enabled products to complete the look of your battle station. Quickly synchronize lighting between the ROG Pugio and ROG Claymore keyboard with a press of the latter's ROG Sync hotkey, or use Aura Sync with ASUS motherboards and other components to make your system stand out!
Advanced Optical Sensor
Every strike is critical. At the heart of ROG Pugio is an optical sensor that provides you with the accuracy and precision needed to take down the opponent.
- Connectivity Technology: Wired
- Tracking: Optical
- OS Support: Windows® 10 ,Windows® 8.1 ,Windows® 7
- Dimensions: L120 x W68 x H37mm
- Weight: 103 g without cable
- Resolution: 7200dpi
- Interface: USB
- 1 x ROG pouch
- 1 x ROG accessary case
- 2 x Japanese-made Omron switches
- 2 x side button covers
- 1 x ROG logo sticker
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