Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse - Matte Black

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Ultra Light 53g Gaming Mouse; UltraWeave Paracord Cable; Pixart PMW3389 Sensor; PTFE Skates
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Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

To increase accuracy and precision while lowering the possibility of injury, the MM710 is very lightweight and feels practically wireless, resulting in long comfortable gaming sessions.

-   Endurance, Don’t fight against the weight of the mouse
-   Less inertial force in large or quick movements

-   Less Wrist Pain, Helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
-   Better for gamers who lift the mouse while playing
-   Better for long gaming sessions

-   Feels Quicker, Feels wireless
-   Better for gamers who play with lower sensitivity as they use a larger range of motion

The MM710 is a truly innovative mouse that does more with so much less. Along with all the pro-grade features that make our gaming mice deadly in combat, we further developed the classic MasterMouse S shape by focusing on making it lighter yet durable at around 53 grams. We also developed a deceptively durable Ultraweave Cable to make the mouse feel practically wireless without cable snagging. The result is quicker movements, longer gaming sessions, minimal fatigue, and less wrist pain associated with repetitive stress injury.

Pro-Grade Sensor
Outfitted with a 16000 DPI Pixart optical sensor for minimal lag, little-to-no stuttering, and accuracy you won’t find in your clunky pack-in mouse - now improved tenfold thanks to massively reduced weight.
And in case you need to favor pinpoint precision over speed, the DPI is instantly adjustable, giving you the ability to make real-time adjustments depending on game, class, and/or playstyle.

Lose Weight Without the Gimmicks
Innovative new appearance is more than just a meme. By implementing a novel new honeycomb shell design that is equal parts lightweight and durable, we’ve trimmed the weight of the mouse to less than 53g.
No more fighting against the mouse, and no more missed snipes due to a weight-limited range of motion. Wrist pain after marathon battles and fatigue after all-nighters is a thing of the past. Aim better, perform better — for longer.

Ergonomic Shape
The MM710 sports an ambidextrous shape optimized for right-handed gamers for comfort and functionality, featuring two side-buttons for easy access to your custom keybinds.

Low Friction, Maximum Glide
New-and-improved feet made with PTFE material for low friction and high durability, which provides a smooth, fast glide with maximum responsiveness.

Unchain Your Mouse
When you’re mowing down infantry, you should never feel like you’re a cute widdle baby on a leash. That’s why we’ve outfitted the MM710 with a new Ultraweave Cable.
Composed of durable yet lightweight material, the cable doesn’t pull your way through the map, and doesn’t make precision aiming a pain. You might as well dump your mouse bungies now.

MasterPlus+ Software Support
Customize buttons, performance, macros and profiles in the soon-to-be-released MasterPlus+ software suite.

Key Features:

-   Pro-Grade Pixart PMW 3389 Optical Sensor
-   OMRON 20M Microswitch for L/R keys
-   ALPS Encoder
-   Ergonomic Shape
-   Ultralight, durable structure design
-   Ultraweave Cable
-   Superior Mouse Feet (Pure PTFE)
-   Splash proof, dust proof (PCBA)
-   MasterPlus+ Software


Product Number
- MM-710-KKOL1 (black matte)

Grip Type
- Claw, palm, fingertip

- ABS Plastic

Mouse Feet

- Black

- Pixart PMW 3389

- 7 Levels
- (400-800-1200(default)-1600-3200-6400-16000)

Tracking Speed
- 400ips

Lift Off Distance
- < ~2mm

Polling Rate
- 1000 MHz

Mouse acceleration
- 50g

- 32 bit ARM Cortex M0+

On-board Memory
- 512KB

Lifespan of L/R keys
- OMRON, 20 million

- 6

Cable Length
- Fixed ultraweave cable 1.8m

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
- 116.6 x 62.6 x 38.3 mm

Weight (Without USB Cable)
- <53g / <0.117lb

- 2 years

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