Asus PT201Q 20" touchscren+pen

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Asus PT201Q 20" touchscren+pen
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Easily Write - Simply Work

The PT201Q gives you unprecedented levels of interaction,allowing you to simultaneously make inputs through your fingers or the bundled digitizer pen.
Now you can draw precise lines or write smoothly directly on screen with the digitizer pen in your dominant hand, leaving your other hand free to manipulate onscreen elements,
so you can zoom or rotate images, open or save files, or click on the task bar in an instant.


Switchable Modes

A side shourtcut button lets you easily switch between digitizer pen, fingertip, or simultaneous input modes. It recognizes both fingertip and digitizer pen input, but gives priority to the latter.
On top of that, palm rejection technology also means you can even rest your hand on the screen without interfering with what you’re doing.


Natural Writing Experience

The PT201Q comes bundled with a digitizer pen so you can draw, take notes or mark presentations directly onscreen. And it feels entirely natural too — 1024-pressure level detection*
means line thickness and colors change in relation to the pressure you exert. You can even select eraser or right-click functions through a special shortcut button on the pen**.
*Software dependent. Please check software compatibility table at the bottom of this webpage prior to use.

**Default setting. Digitizer Pen Utility must be installed prior to use.


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