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AMD A4-7300 Dual Core 3.8GHZ Socket FM2+ APU

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AMD A4-7300 Dual Core 3.8GHZ Socket FM2+ APU

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    AMD A4 series A4-7300 - AD7300OKHLBOX

    The game was changed for PCs by revolutionizing the accelerated desktop processor that combines the power of a multicore CPU with AMD Radeon graphics all in one energy-efficient chip.

    Unlock your system's full potential with revolutionary HSA architecture enabling the CPU and GPU to work in perfect harmony and blaze through compute tasks in Ultra HD resolution. Take processing performance and pure power efficiency to amazing extremes with hUMA, by enabling GPU's full access to the entire system memory and the CPU and GPU to seamlessly share data.

    Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture

    You can get extreme performance with Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture, featuring supercharged AMD Radeon R7 graphics.

    Mantle technology

    AMD Mantle technology raises your game to unprecedented levels with hyper-efficient performance.

    AMD TrueAudio technology

    Designed for breathtaking immersive audio, AMD TrueAudio technology sets the level of immersion. Hear your enemy's every move and anticipate their next.

    AMD Eyefinity technology

    Connect up to 4 displays to see every angle of the battlefield with AMD Eyefinity technology in its full glory.

    AMD Radeon memory

    AMD Radeon memory enables top performance and maximum value for a boost in entertainment and gaming experiences.


    With a 3.8GHz processor speed with Turbo CORE up to 4.0GHz combines the power of a multicore CPU with integrated AMD Radeon HD 8470D graphics with an 800MHz GPU clock speed for reliable, energy-efficient performance.
    1MB integrated Level 2 cache

    Provides fast access to heavily used data and instructions.
    AMD Steady Video technology 2.0.7

    Allows you to enjoy smooth, stabilized videos. Next-generation performance enables rapid music, photo and video playback.
    USB 3.0 interface

    Makes it simple to share stored photos and videos when connected to a USB-enabled device.
    Compatible with Windows 8

    For use with your existing operating system.

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