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Suoyana S-1012 Headphone


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Suoyana S-1012 Headphone - 6 Months Warranty

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Suoyana S-1012 Headphone  

Brand: Suo Yana 
Model: S-1012 
Type: Headset 
Plug type: straight type 
Headphone output Audio: PC computer 
Whether the wireless headset: wired headset 
Uses: computer headset 
Plug Diameter: 3.5mm 
Whether the microphone: Yes 
Plug: 3.5 (Fmm) 
Cable length: 1.5 (m) 
Speaker Diameter: 40 (Fmm) 
Sensitivity: 106 (dB) 
Frequency range :20-20000 (Hz) 
Distortion: 1 (%) 
Impedance: 32 (O) 
Colors: black, blue, pink
Please correct use of the headset , L is the left , R is right. And requests the appropriate volume using headphones , so enjoy the wonderful music while damage your hearing.
- Do not pull the headset cord to avoid breakage .
- Do not use headphones while driving a car or a bike , it may cause a traffic accident .
- When specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior inform . Technical parameters:
1 Type : Stereo headset with microphone head
2 Speaker diameter :. 40mm
3 Sensitivity :. 111db/MW
4 Impedance :. 32O
5 Frequency range :. 20HZ - 20KHZ
6 Rated power :. 100MV
7 Cable length : about 2.1m
8 wiring plug : 3.5stereo to introduce you to the headphone pot method :
1, with the general test of continuous music playback with 30 % -40 % of the volume of 12-24 hours , FM music station is also available.
2 , rest day and then have a choice of continuous play different styles of music 5-10 hours, including the human voice , symphonic , electronic music , pop , AV scene.
3 , choose your favorite CD with a larger volume ( you can accept the maximum sound pressure ) test 1-2 hours.
4 , recovery medium volume playing soft music ( such as Tsai 's song or piano ) 5 hours , basically burn process is complete. After the sound of the headphones should be relatively the most normal .
5 , generally the first week of the new buy back the time machine is burning , a month down the sound has been 95% relative headphones have played , spent six months ( an average of 2 hours per day ) headset is the best state pot .
6 , the new headphones do not directly burn at full capacity for a few days and nights , should go slowly.
7 , a week listening should reach a certain time or a long time without use, should be re- burn .

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